Hey guys! Here we are on the 14th of May, one day before our one month anniversary. It’s been one hell of a road! Jared and I have attempted plenty of business ventures/art projects since we became friends over a decade ago. Those range from website design to making YouTube content, podcasts, essentially a wide variety of entertainment and media projects. A lot of these projects had varying success, and I will leave it at that...  Either way, here we are coming to you behind the business name of Thenamel. I cannot speak directly for Jared, but I know for sure that this business venture of ours in particular is the best one for me. I love digital design, and I have recently learned that I certainly have a bit of a passion for entrepreneurialism. And, if it isn’t obvious, I have fallen in love with both the collection and production of lapel pins. Weirdly enough, what got me into creating a pin business was mainly fueled by my desire to save money on buying pins, and making pins that I know I could enjoy and have others enjoy as well. I won’t say too much more, as I have much more to talk about in later posts, but I will say that you should expect us to be around for a while and you will hear about us for as long as we don’t get shut down by net neutrality. See you later!



May 14, 2018 — Byron Laurent Jr

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